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Tubular Packaging Systems and Lifting Frames

In addition to the range of thread protectors and recycling services offered, Abnor Protector Supplies are also able to offer for sale or rental, Packaging Systems and Lifting Frames for the storage and transportation of tubing and casing.

The Abnor Packaging System comprises four frame assemblies, with each assembly made up of profiled segments, the number dependant on the pipe size. When the system has been loaded with pipe, each frame assembly is secured with threaded studs and locking nuts.

Tubular Packaging Systems
Tubular Packaging Systems

The moulded segments incorporate a steel beam to ensure maximum rigidity. The top and bottom segments also have optional reflective strips on each side to assist safety. The profiled vee section also enables a range of pipe sizes to be accommodated in each of the three frame sizes available as shown in the following table:

Pipe Size

Total No of Joints


Frame Width

2 3/8" - 3½


6 x 6
4" - 5½"

4 x 4


6 5/8" - 8 5/8"
3 x 3



A major advantage in using this type of packaging system is that the assemblies do not require test certification. Only the wire transit slings require to be certified. However, Abnor is also able to provide Lifting Frames, comprising two liftable frame assemblies plus a four-legged sling. Separate test certification is supplied with the lifting frames and the sling.

Bumper Rings

Manufactured in impact resistant plastic and are available to fit pipe sizes from 3 1/2" diameter tubing up to 13 3/8" diameter casing. These rings are particularly suitable for the protection of chrome tubing or casing during storage or shipment.

Bumper Rings

Abnor Lifting frames
To assemble, remove top beam from both frames. Sling bundle and lift over frames. Lower bundle into position and reconnect top beams. Assemble four legged sling to eyes in frames. Bundle is now ready to lift.

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