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Recycling Service

Under the current environmental regulations, used thread protectors are no longer accepted at landfill sites unless they have been thoroughly decontaminated.

Since 1995Abnor have offered a service which eliminates the need to utilise landfill facilities. The Company now operates the largest and most modern facility for recycling thread protectors in Europe

Our process is very simple and effective:

Thread protectors before cleaning
Before cleaning

Cleaned and gauged protectors

Cleaned and gauged protectors being
palletised in preparation for return to customer

Contaminated protectors are cleaned, using purpose built automatic cleaning machines.
Re-useable protectors are checked on thread gauges in preparation for return to customer.

Reject units are cut up and the steel and plastic separated. The steel is disposed of as scrap metal and the plastic is granulated for re-use.

Gauging protectors after cleaning
Gauging protectors after cleaning

Scrap protectors being granulated for re-use
The plastic element of scrap protectors being granulated for re-use

Several major oil companies have adopted policies to use recycled products. In doing so, they are making a valuable contribution to the environment by achieving savings in several areas, in particular:

Savings in raw material usage, both plastic and steel.
Savings in energy consumption for new product manufacture.
Reduction in landfill requirements for disposal.

Abnors stock of recycled protectors
Part of Abnor's stock of recycled protectors

Abnor's 3000 m2 recycling facility, located 12 miles south of Aberdeen carries a large stock of recycled protectors available for sale, with sizes ranging from 3½" to 18 5/8" diameter.

To purchase recycled protectors or for more information, please contact us


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